Women's Collection
Versatile chic

Innovation and minimalism: these are the key words to describe the collection. Manzoni 24 brings a feeling of perfect balance between the colours, the shapes, the silhouettes and the fabrics.

The item which defines this season is the vest: short or long, in mink, sable or fox, mixed with cashmere, shearling or knit, it comes to life under a matching double face coat, or over it. Mink comes in essential shapes, to be worn in any occasion.

The colour palette includes naturals: beige, camel and greige, soft charcoal grey and navy blue. Streaks of ruby red, orange, pink and light blue offer more frivolous alternatives, always maintaining the basic taste of contemporary sobriety.

The collection


Unlined feather-light minks, multicoloured astrakan, lush sables. The new fur is young and versatile. Luxury for every day.


Loro Piana double-face fabric coats matched with fur vests. Belted trenchcoats with details in mink. Oversized parkas with sable, mink or fox trimmings, fully fur lined. Luxurious and warm.


Warm, soft Spanish Merino skins moulded into stylish coats and jackets. Rich details such as mink, sable or cashmere fur pockets, collars and hoods make it all look preciously unique.

Down coats

Urban flavour, down coats to stroll the city avenues. Shiny or mat nylon, modern rainproof woolen fabrics, real goose down, all combined to look chic and contemporary.

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