Men's Collection
The personal vision of luxury

The Manzoni 24 menswear collection is rooted in natural elegance and luxury. The choice of materials follows the same path. The shapes are wearable and the fit is easy.

The Manzoni 24 customer does not bend to rules: he demands real quality and knows the difference. The collection includes quilted goose down, “storm system” parkas, which are the shape of this season, deerskin blousons, raw edge shearlings, formal and informal coats, often enriched by fur collars or linings. Every fabric and skin stems from intense research. The result is a mixture of exquisite cashmeres, refined new textures, urban interpretations of old classics, deerskins, shearlings, and, of course, furs.

The colours are masculine: deep navy blue, shades of grey from ash to charcoal, khaki, warm camel and, of course, sleek black. Sophisticated colours for a modern man of taste.

Collection FW 2020-21


Refined elegance. Coats and jackets in 100% cashmere. Sheared mink collars for a Manzoni 24 look.


Very masculine and contemporary jackets, parkas and coats in lush Spanish shearling. Nappa waterproof finish.


“Storm System” Loro Piana fabric jackets and vests, where a noble fabric becomes modern and practical. Fully lined with fur collars and hoods, either detachable or fixed. Luxury becomes practical.

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