Men's Collection
The personal vision of luxury

The Manzoni24 collection spells a clever mix of materials and contrasts, thereby creating the perfect wardrobe for both business and leisure, enveloping and sensual, in a word: versatile.

The colour palette includes winter beige and deep brown, rich shades of blue, from ink to midnight, followed by profound tones of grey.

Perfectly manufactured coats, made in exclusive fabrics such as extra-fine cashmere and the unique Loro Piana Pecora Nera, which is a rare and superlative fibre which maintains its original natural colour, without any chemical modification.

Bombers, field jackets and parkas in different weights, made of Loro Piana Storm System fabrics are a combination of comfort and style. Water and wind resistant, sometimes wool, sometimes technically modern fabrics, sometimes blends of silk and wool, but always an expression of elegance worthy of the Brand.

The workmanship in general, the double-face technique, the sartorial details, these are all fruit of the Italian tradition translated into sleek silhouettes and wearable shapes.

Collection F/W 22-23


Refined elegance. Coats and jackets in 100% cashmere. Sheared mink collars for a Manzoni 24 look.


Very masculine and contemporary jackets, parkas and coats in lush Spanish shearling. Nappa waterproof finish.


“Storm System” Loro Piana fabric jackets and vests, where a noble fabric becomes modern and practical. Fully lined with fur collars and hoods, either detachable or fixed. Luxury becomes practical.

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